How to travel safely in Mexico by plane and bus

Traveling safely in Mexico is more than possible today. In our trip through Mexico we have analyzed several bus companies where you can buy cheap bus tickets Mexico and several airlines; some cheaper and the occasional luxury. Touring states like Jalisco, Guanajuato, Tabasco, Yucatan will be much easier if you take note of these companies. Apart from transport, there is the hiring of insurance, something vital, because if you leave your country, it is better not take unnecessary risks. The trip can be very expensive if you do not have travel insurance in conditions.

Tips for safe travel through Mexico

We have heard many times about insecurity in Mexico, but as in all parts of the world it all depends on the area, the moment and especially on your ability to avoid problems. There are states or cities more insecure than others. The first thing before leaving is to ask what neighborhoods or states you should not visit, but usually states like Jalisco, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Chiapas or Yucatan are usually quite safe. When we talk about the moment we talk about the time. As in many cities it is better to avoid certain places at night, the same as driving, since if you do not know the area well anything can happen.

Let’s look at the basic rules:

  • Avoid neighborhoods or areas that you don’t know or haven’t asked for before
  • Don’t drive at night
  • Before taking a taxi make sure you have a license
  • Always tell the hotel where you are going
  • Avoid walking in neighborhoods with poor lighting
  • Always carry the phone by hand
  • Always watch your luggage, even at bus stations
  • At the stops that make the bus routes make sure your hand luggage always goes with you

How to get around by bus

You cannot get the idea of ​​the quality of several bus lines in Mexico. Rows of 3 seats, LCD screen and internet connection can make your trip as comfortable as possible.


ETN Turistar is the line with the best buses in all of Mexico. They are very comfortable buses , with TV screen with Android system, very wide and reclining seats, plug and internet connection. The ETN line is ideal for long distances. They have routes throughout Mexico except in southern Mexico, specifically in the Maya or Yucatan area.

Besides, they serve you food and refreshments during the trip. We made a 5-hour route from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara and we did not perceive that we were on a bus. It was like traveling in first class of an airplane.


ADO is very similar to ETN with authentic luxury buses. In this case it also covers the Maya area of ​​Yucatan, among others. The best thing about this company is the Maya Pass, a coupon system that allows you to use different means of transportation.

ADO zone

There are different types of Maya Pass depending on the duration of your trip. You have it for 3, 7, 14 or 21 days. For example, the 14-day one is $560 that will allow you to know all the archaeological sites of the Mayan world and use ADO buses during that period of time.

How to move by plane

Mexico is such a large country that to travel by car or bus can be expensive both in time and comfort. It is true that there are several bus companies that make long-haul routes in very comfortable vehicles, but if time prevails, the option is to take a plane in a low cost company. Here are several companies that are currently operating in Mexico.


It currently has a fleet of more than 16 Boeing 737-300 aircraft. Part of the company belongs to the group of the Irish company Ryanair, so you can get an idea of ​​its policy and its prices.

It is considered the cheapest airline in Mexico, possibly because the cheapest rate, called Vivalight, only includes a 10kg hand luggage. If you wanted to carry a larger suitcase, you will have to go to the VivaBásico or VivaPlus rate.


It is another airline that operates in Mexico and also flies to the United States, Cuba, Colombia or Costa Rica. The prices are not as good as those of Vivaerobus, but it all depends on time and destination. Unlike the previous one, this company is 100% Mexican and has more than 30 Airbus A320 aircraft, so it is a somewhat larger company with more routes.

Looking at luggage Interjet allows you to travel with two 25kg bags.


It is the low cost company with the highest number of connections to the United States. With 4 years of life it is the largest company in the low cost, with 43 Airbus A319 and 320 aircraft.

The ticket or ticket includes hand luggage up to 10 kg and a 25kg suitcase. It’s not bad at all.


It is the largest company in all of Mexico and the one that operates around the world, with direct flights to Cancun or DF from Madrid. In addition, it has the largest fleet in the country and the largest number of destinations. He is a member of the Sky Alliance, so its size is considerable.

There is a modality called Aeromexico Discount Pass that for a little more you can opt for discounts and tickets to shows.

Travel insurance

For a trip like this it is best to take out insurance. Iati offers us an offer for travel followers for free. Traveling does not exempt you from having an accident, needing a doctor, a transfer or medication. Do not play it. Take out travel insurance by clicking on the banner and you will have 5% on your insurance for being a free travel reader.

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