What Are The Best Volunteer In Ghana Project Opportunities?

Have you always wanted to visit West Africa? Deciding to volunteer in Ghana is one way that you will be able to visit this part of the world.

Ghana is a country that is the home of such a diverse culture and landscape. It has a gorgeous coastline, a vibrant history and unique wildlife. From the remote beaches to the old colonial buildings and forts to the native shrines, Ghana has so many memorable experiences that are simply waiting for someone to decide to choose this country as their volunteering destination.

By volunteering in Ghana, there will be so many opportunities to learn the culture and become totally immersed in the communities. Whether you want to interact in school education or work in a coastline community, there are a wide range of opportunities to volunteer in Ghana.

The following are of the most affordable and best rated volunteering opportunities for those who want to have a meaningful volunteer experience in the country.

Health Care Volunteer Projects

If you are a medical professional, have medical credentials or are a student, this is a volunteer program that you will be welcomed into.

These types of projects deliver healthcare to those who do not have access to the healthcare system because of poverty. You will assist local medical professionals in promoting campaigns for health education and deliver care that provides instant and long-term medical advantages to some of the poorest people in the country.

The tasks that you complete daily will be dependent on your individual experience and background. This means that you may be asked to take basic medical history and health assessments, perform administrative duties or even provide hands-on assistance and treatment.

HIV/AIDS Volunteer Projects

Taking part in these types of projects will allow you to provide support to those who are living with HIV and AIDS. You will also provide support to those who have been left behind after the primary breadwinner has died due to the virus/disease.

These family are often left with living with the consequences and many of them are left in poverty.

There is also volunteer work within these projects that focuses on local HIV/AIDS prevention education programs. It is important that volunteers are open-minded, understanding and tolerant when deciding to commit to the ethos of this type of program.

Orphanage Based Volunteer Projects

You can volunteer your skills and your time at one of the many orphanages that are in Ghana. By spending time at an orphanage, you have the chance to keep the children away from a life of petty crime and living on the street.

Many of the orphanages do not have enough staff to handle the workload, so the employees will view you as a valuable volunteer.

In order to participant in these types of projects, you should be naturally upbeat, positive, kind, patient and caring. An added bonus is being open to learning new things and having different experiences.

Some of the tasks that you may be asked to assist with are:

– Teaching English (and other subjects)

– Leading activities such as music, art and dance

– Assisting with administrative tasks

– Assisting with fundraising

– Assisting with general household chores (cooking and cleaning)

Teaching English Volunteer Projects

When children have insufficient or nonexistent English speaking and writing skills, they are excluded from many opportunities once they become young adults. Near native and native English-speaking volunteers who are also resourceful, patient and caring are desperately needed to volunteer in Ghana.

There are no teaching requirements necessary for these volunteer projects because you can work with a local Ghanaian teacher so you can have the confidence you need to manage a classroom on your own.

Construction Volunteer Projects

Construction projects allows volunteers the change to bring their expertise and talent into the construction industry. These projects construct higher-quality classrooms and homes for children and families in Ghana.

You will learn how to make bricks using only water and mud, and you will also learn how to create, plaster and paint walls.

In addition, you may be asked to assist with landscaping the areas around the buildings as well as renovate classrooms and paint local schools.

In many parts of the country, thousands of families have inadequate housing and the children attend classes every day in buildings that crumble around them. With these construction volunteer projects, you will help move them into new and more secure buildings so they can receive a quality education.

This is a wonderful chance for those who want to get involved in rural projects and become a part of the local community.

Sporting Volunteer Projects

If you are looking for a fun, outdoor volunteer opportunity with plenty of physical exercise, look no further than the soccer coaching volunteer projects. Train the boys and girls soccer teams in the local area, and provide them with support when they have their matches on the weekends.

For those who enjoy playing and watching sports and have some sporting ability, this is a major opportunity to play a vital role in the personal development of young men and women athletes in Ghana. There are a range of sporting projects such as:

– Football

– Soccer

– Net ball

– Basketball

These placements in the volunteer programs allow you to use your role as a volunteer sports coach to make a positive impact in a young child’s life. Not only will they get the physical and mental advantages gained from regular exercise, but they will also learn many important life skills such as:

– Teamwork

– Communication

– Discipline

As a volunteer sports coach, you will be assisting with every aspect of the team while also working with some of the most determined and enthusiastic children who live in some of the most impoverished areas of the country.

Are you looking for a way to combine your desire to provide meaningful work with your love of traveling? A volunteer in Ghana project will take you to one of the friendliest countries in West Africa. The above is a small list of the many ways you can make a difference in Ghana as a volunteer.

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