Weather in Ibiza in April – The Weather Guide to Your Ibiza April Stay

April is the month when the weather in Ibiza starts to heat up!April is the time when things are starting to gradually warm up, including the weather.During April, the average temperature is at its lowest point at 15°C in the beginning of April and gradually rises to 20°C.The highest temperature ever recorded in April was 28 Degrees. And the coldest temperature ever recorded in April was 5 Degrees Celsius.In April, Ibiza has an average of 34mm of rainfall – play it safe and bring an umbrella for your stay if you are on the island for more than a few days.

The average sea temperature is 16°C, and unless you are visiting Ibiza and are used to cold dips in the water it is unlikely that you will enjoy it for too long.There are many outdoor heated pools that you can still enjoy, please check the hotel or apartment complex you are booking in Ibiza for more details.An average of 10 full hours of sunshine can expected, giving you a pleasant clear horizon during the days to enjoy and take in the beauty of Ibiza’s many beaches and wildlife.Travelers booking a holiday in Ibiza in April are advised to pack clothes that they can be worn in layers. The mornings can be quite chilly, but as the day unfolds the weather temperature rises and gets enjoyable.A jacket is necessary in the evenings and pants and trousers are the items to be wearing in April. Swimwear and sunglasses should also be brought on your trip.Bonus tip – do leave room in your suitcase for some shopping as Ibiza has several shops and boutiques that has many unique offerings that you will want to take advantage of when spending your time in Ibiza.

And of course, many restaurants, bars and café’s are open – as well as the world famous nightclub Pacha which will have several parties in full gear during the weekends and some weekdays.Expect some amazing tunes, go go dancers, guest DJs and exclusive VIP areas with some of the world’s happiest people on earth all enjoying Pacha Ibiza.And, if the dance floor gets you too warm you can always head for the Pacha Terrace and cool off and take in the April Ibiza weather a bit more before you head down to the dance floors again.

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