Vacation Planning 101

With summer right around the corner, it is about that time to begin planning your annual summer vacation. With all the choices in the world to choose from, picking a destination and planning a get-away can become a nuisance. It takes a lot of time, consideration, and dedication when planning a vacation. You must choose the most perfect destination, find the cheapest air line ticket, and book the cheapest hotel, all while for-filling all of your vacation wants and needs. So, I am here to help you make the planning process as easy as 1, 2, 3, with as little to no problems.First and foremost, deciding, and agreeing on the destination, if you are traveling with others, is the most important thing. This is hands down the most difficult step in the travel planning process. Ideally, one would just pin the tail on the map blind folded and where ever it lands, you will travel too. However this scenario doesn’t seem so ideal when you realize you’ve pinned the tail on North Korea, or Cuba. Therefore, you must really sit down and take the time to consider all the options available, given your circumstances like; budget and whether or not you want to go somewhere like Bora Bora or Antarctica. Once you’ve decided if you want to go somewhere freezing cold or somewhere tropical, the decision making process becomes just a little easier. For the sake of this article and for myself because it’s my dream to travel to Tahiti, we’re going to say that is where we have decided to go.

Once that step is completed, the process becomes only a little easier, but still definitely very stressful and time consuming. Perhaps the most stressful and time consuming part of planning a vacation is finding the best priced airline ticket. Probably, the worst thing you could as you are searching for a plane ticket anywhere for that matter, is buy the very first plane ticket on the first website you come too. It is also very important to allow a great amount of time from when you buy the ticket to when you are actually on your way. This is because plane tickets are extremely cheaper the sooner you buy them in advance. So as you begin this step of the process, keep in mind, that it is stressful, but you must look at all the options at hand, all of the websites, and you will come across a great deal for the ticket.Once you have decided where your destination and purchased the cheapest plane ticket you were able to find, my final word of advice is to actually relax and take advantage of your vacation. It’s important to unplug from all electronics and just enjoy your time and company while you are on vacation, otherwise your time spent there is useless. Before you leave for your trip it wouldn’t hurt to do a little research and find out what kind of fun things there is to do in the area you are going. Tahiti for instance, I would go snorkeling, fishing, and perhaps even do a little hiking. The reason you are spending all this time on doing research and planning and spending a lot of money on going is to relax and have a good time.

With these things and more in mind, it’s inevitable that you will have a great time on your vacation. Every vacation and every individual will spend their vacation differently, however, it’s just important to enjoy your time while there and have not a worry in the world for a short time before returning to reality.

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