The Incredible Capital City of India

Are you looking for a change of scenery? Is Goa’s humidity proving too much to bear? A visit to Delhi would be a wonderful opportunity to soak in the rich history of our country and, at the same time, experience Modern India at its finest. Delhi is a city of diversity. It is home to those who are struggling to get their foot in the door and also those who head few of the most powerful offices in the country. The culmination of people from all over India, rich and poor alike is what forms the heartbeat of one of the busiest and liveliest cities in the world. Be it the scorching summer sun or the freezing winters, this city offers different experiences at different times of the year. All you need to do is check for Goa to Delhi flights ticket online on the internet and get ready to travel to the capital.

Delhi is famous amongst tourists for three main things – its architectural wonders, the diverse shopping options, and its delicious food.

Akshardham Temple is a modern architectural beauty that attracts thousands of visitors every day. Created by Pramukh Swami Maharaj and opened in 2005, it uses modern technological techniques to provide an out of the world spiritual experience. One of its most famous attractions is ‘SanskritikVihar’, a boat ride illustrating the culture and history of Ancient India in an audiovisual format. It has also been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Largest Comprehensive Hindu Temple in the World.

In contrast, the Jama Masjid represents the architectural timbre of ancient Delhi. It is a mesmerizing mosque built of red sandstone and white marble.  It was constructed in the 1600s by Shah Jahan and comprises of three great gates, four towers and two 40-metre-high minarets. It is one of the largest mosques in India and can accommodate more than 25,000 people.

Delhi has been a favourite shopping destination since historical times. Even though it has loads of lavish and fancy malls, the street markets in the city provide greater revenue. Connaught Place is one of the most famous places in Delhi. It is the commercial centre of Delhi and has a huge number of shops ranging from high-end brands to cheap roadside products. ChandniChowk is one of the oldest and busiest markets, situated in Old Delhi.

It is a crime to go to Delhi and not indulge in the amazing food that it has to offer. The street food in Delhi is famous all over the globe. ChandniChowk is the hub for street food in the city. The mouth-watering ‘Dillichaats’, the delicious CholeBhature and the buttery parathas from ParathewaaliGali are mandatory eats for any Delhi tourist. Since this is where the Mughlai Cuisine originated, dishes such as Kebabs, Biryani, and tandoori items are commonplace. To top it up at the end, the popular Jalebis and Kulfis are the perfect dishes to satisfy your dessert cravings.

One of the biggest cities in the world, Delhi has a story to tell to everyone who is ready to listen. It is the story of dreams, ambitions, power and happiness. It is the story of people. Listen closely and you just might hear the city talk to you.

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