The 4 museums in Tuscany you cannot miss

Tuscany and art, one of the oldest and strongest bonds our civilization has ever witnessed. A bond that is shown every day, with thousands of visitors coming to this marvelous land to enjoy some of the greatest museums in the world. Be aware though, because Tuscany’s artistic grandeur can become dispersive, with plenty of museums distributed across the region that cannot be visited at once. So, if you are planning on going to Tuscany and you want to enjoy the best part of its artistic treasures, you are in the right place!

The Uffizi Gallery – Florence

10000 people a day. This is the average number of visitors that come to enjoy the most famous museum of Tuscany. Located in Florence and originally designed as a place to host the city’s magistrates, the Uffizi Gallery has become the cradle of art we all know about in 1769, when it opened to the public.

The collection inside is simply impressive. From Gothic painters like Giotto and Cimabue to Early Renaissance artists like Piero della Francesca and Masaccio, from Sandro Botticelli with its “Birth of Venus” to Leonardo’s “Annunciation”, it is impossible to list everything that this magical place has to offer. But it would be a crime not to try it at least once in your life, you can rest assured.

Guarnacci Museum – Volterra

One of the greatest testaments of the etruscans, this museum is widely famous for two works presented in completely different styles. The Ombra della Sera was probably a fertility figure and is a bronze figure that represents a young boy’s head and whose details are almost lost; on the contrary, the Urna degli Sposi, made in terracotta, doesn’t even miss a wrinkle and depicts the urn of a married couple. If you are curious about the etruscan civilization, this museum is simply a must.

The Civic/City Museums – San Gimignano

These museums are among the greatest examples of local arts. In the Palazzo Comunale, specifically in the Sala di Dante, you will encounter the majestic “Virgin and Child” by Lippo Memmi. Going further, we strongly suggest you to make a stop at the chamber of the Podestà and at the Pinacoteca, where you will have the chance to admire incredible works by some of the greatest painters from Florence and Siena, who came to San Gimignano between the 13th and the 15th century and were largely inspired by the village.

If you are looking for an intimate contact with local art, the Civic/City Museums are the place to be in Tuscany.

Satire and Caricature Museum – Forte dei Marmi

Located inside the Forte Lorenese, this eccentric museums showcases the cartoons of the most famous, satirical characters on the international panorama. Among them, you will find works from great names such as Ettore Majorana, Altan, Filippo Scarparelli and Milo Manara. Even though you are not familiar with these characters you will have a good laugh, that’s for sure.

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