Why Are Pub Crawls So Much Fun?

Hitting the club for the night is always a fantastic fun thing to do. Especially if it is in a foreign land away from what you are used to. You get to experience new surroundings and even learn one or two new dance moves. Mostly, you get to only go to one venue and stick there the entire night. But recently, someone thought of an amazing idea and came up with pub crawls. Well, a pub crawl is not as the name suggests; instead, it’s a fun-filled activity that continues to gain popularity and below is why.

  1. You meet new people

Parting alone is not as fun; you cannot let loose and get drunk in peace. You will continuously be in worry who is up to get you. But having a squad by your side makes it even better. With pub crawls you get to party with a group of people and have a great time while you are at it. You get to meet new people within the group as well as at the club scenes. You may spark up friendships that may last you a lifetime.

  1. You learn new cultures

You get to learn so much during these pub crawls. The numerous conversations and the constant interactions you have all night during the excursion will give you more insight into different situations. You will be amazed as to what you can learn from a simple conversation. By the end of the night, you would have mastered how to say hi, bye and maybe cheers in different dialects.

  1. You spend less

Booking a bar crawl will have you save you up on a few bucks that you would have otherwise spent if you partied alone. You get to enjoy free shots, cheap drinks, discounts on bars and sometimes even free bar passes. You must spend money wisely, especially when you are in a foreign country. It is always a terrible idea to go broke in an unfamiliar surrounding. Thus, being part of a crawl excursion will keep your funds in the safe green zone.

  1. It is safer

Getting drunk in a new club alone is a recipe for disaster. Having no one to take care of you in case something happens is quite dangerous. This, however, is not the case when you are part of a bar crawl. In as much as the people in the pub crawl are still strangers, they know your name and a few details about you. Such that even if you are to blackout, they could get you back to your hotel room. Being part of a group will also wade off people who may wish to harm you.

  1. You experience several venues

Most bar crawls involve visiting several sites mostly five or six places including a couple of bars and to finish off a nightclub. Throughout these trips, you get to enjoy different scenes of music, food, and culture under a budget with a new crew of friends. It is always a good time with new friends in a bar crawl.

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