Travel Agencies May Still Be Your Best Alternative

You might think that the rise in popularity of online travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity would put the more traditional travel agency out of business. However, at least half of all travel is still booked in person with an agent. Even if you navigate the internet easily and enjoy planning your own trips, there are several advantages to using a travel agent to help with your planning.

Working with an Agency Saves You Time

Most people have very busy daily schedules which become even more complicated when planning a trip. Even though many online sites offer comparisons and try to organize the information into one place, you still need to spend time sifting through the data. The multitude of online travel sites may actually increase your time because you need to research the ones with which you are not familiar to be sure they are reliable.

Working with a Company Saves You Money

Travel agencies have a history with most airlines, hotels, destinations, and cruise lines. Because of these relationships and the history of business conducted, they get the best deals and all the special promotions. They offer those packages to you so that you can take advantage of lower prices on upscale accommodations and amenities that you would not find online.

Working with an Expert will Make You Feel Secure

Handling emergencies that occur while traveling can be overwhelming and at times impossible. You can rely on your agent to rebook your flight if there are cancellations or delays, manage problems with your accommodations, or find transfer alternatives if you have issues with the service that was planned. Your agent also monitors your trip to ensure that you get the lowest price possible. Most importantly, your agent will explain all the cancellations requirements and discuss travel insurance options.

Working with a Specialty Agency Focuses Your Trip

There are some agencies that specialize and are experienced in planning certain types of adventures. For example, Specialty Travel focuses on group trips and events like destination weddings and honeymoons while Accessible Journeys will help plan the perfect trip for anyone with mobility issues or other physical disabilities. Any adventures by disney travel agent will provide your group with guided tours that will immerse you in the local culture. You may want to find one of these specialty agencies especially if you are planning to visit multiple locations and your trip has a complicated itinerary.

Working with an Agent You Trust Provides a Distinct Advantage

Establishing a relationship with your travel agent makes your planning much more efficient. You can let your agent know exactly the type of trip you seek and gain recommendations not only about destinations but also about activities. Your agent will get to know your travel preferences and can contact you when certain offers are available. This is close to having your agent working for you almost full time so that you can get the personalization you need for each trip.

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