Make Your Vacation a Lifetime Adventure

Looking at the ocean is electrifying. The vastness of the ocean instills awe in the most experienced traveler. Add a few unique creatures on earth to the event, and it becomes even more amazing. Travel to the warm waters of the Pacific Islands of Maui and watch the rising number of migrating whales flourish in the warm Pacific waters.


Go do some Whale watching Maui residents recommend by booking the time and duration of the trip on a certified vessel. These tours are dictated by the weather, if the water is too rough, a location may be changed, or another time schedule presented to the customer.

Join tour boat excursions with wide decks, and glass bottoms, and experience the site of the humpback whale migration. View the world on the ocean floor without the effort of swimming in heavy diving gear. Stay comfortably on-board ship with easy to reach restrooms, and a stocked bar, while watching some of the most interesting creatures in the world frolic in the deep water of the Pacific.

Whale Watching Season

Observe the collection of whales that migrate to the waters off the Hawaiian coast. Viewers will see many things, whale’s spy hoping out of the water, trying to get a view of the world that surrounds them, flipping, and turning to impress potential mates, while patrons get a close up look at these amazing feats. This is usually only viewed by experienced anglers.

About Whales

Whales are creatures that utilize things in their environment. In an attempt to get away from a male suitor, the vulnerable female with a young calf will come close to a whale watching boat, using it as a hiding place. This gives those onboard an opportunity to get an up-close view of the Humpback Whale, so prevalent in the waters of Hawaii.

From December to April, Maui becomes a whaling spectacle. In the battle to mate, the manifestation of interactions between male whales is amazing in their effort to connect with the females of their species. They are constantly challenging other males for dominance in the fight to mate.

Whale Watching

Give yourself a fabulous vacation by watching this rare sight, hundreds of whales in one place, amazingly close to shore. The region gives visitors the opportunity to see hundreds of Humpback whales during their annual mating ritual creating lasting memories. These mammals are spoken of in legends, and now it is possible to see them up close up, like seasoned sailors. Learn their value to the eco-system and appreciate their intelligence. These creatures have been around since the oceans began and they are fascinating to watch.

What Whales Show

See these water mammals without disturbing their methods of interacting with one another. These tours take people on an amazing adventure that teaches and entertains. People viewing these activities can learn about the nature of the whale. These mammals are acrobatic and look spectacular when they jump into the air. There are numerous positions a visitor can expect to see and sounds they might hear, made by the whales.

Although, some agencies have recommended vessels stay a couple of football fields away from some whales. In Maui, vessels can come up to 100 yards within whaling activity. Visitors are able to enjoy viewing whales. However, there are regulations designed to protect the whale species from the interference from humans. Vessels are advised to stay 400 yards out of the path of a whale in some communities.

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