A Getaway Nestled in with the Rich and Famous

There is certainly something to be said about the appeal of the Hamptons, which is defined as a collection of villages and hamlets forming the South Fork of Long Island. Be it Southampton, East Hampton, or the Montauk, anyone wanting to get away from their daily grind and vacation amidst the wealthy will find their destination there. This seasonal vacation getaway is located on the southern end of Long Island encompassing some the most expensive real estate in the world. Vacationers, along with the rich and famous, flock to this area, mainly during the summer months, to take advantage of the beautiful beaches, world-class golfing facilities, picturesque fishing villages, and the amazing visual extravagances that can only be found in an area dominated by wealth such as the Hamptons.

Even though the Hamptons are home to some of the world’s richest people, there are many options for travelers seeking lodging as well. Ideally, a vacationer would be able to stay with friends or family in one of the lavish mansions or estates that are abundantly strewn throughout the area. Since this isn’t the case for most people, there is a select variety of houses, hotels, inns, and bed-and-breakfasts offering accommodations ranging from the very affordable to the very exclusive. While house rentals may be easier to find than room rentals, the seasoned traveler will be able to find suitable accommodations located in a favorable area and priced within their budget. It is extremely advisable to search for accommodations well in advance as the few options available may be booked far in advance due to the popularity of this vacation spot. It should also be noted that short-term lodging is more difficult to find than long-term lodging due to availability. A google search of the keywords, places to stay in the hamptons, will provide a plethora of lodging options to consider. There are also various other online arenas that will lead a vacationer to find the perfect place to stay. Traveler, posted a great article by Paul Rubio in 2016 which gives great information on what to expect when looking for sleeping accommodations in the area. It’s definitely worth a read, especially for someone not familiar with the many areas of the Hamptons.

The appeal of the Hamptons has probably been prevalent since the first millionaire hosted a summer event from their home showcasing all the beauty that the area has to offer. Since then, it has become an area where the rich and famous live, at least for part of the year, and celebrate life and success. Hands down, the Hamptons may be the perfect vacation spot for someone wanting to hobnob with the elite class of society. Or the appeal may be to seek a quiet spot to enjoy some of nature’s most glorious and pristine beaches. Or, maybe, the appeal is simply the overall beauty of the area. In any case, the Hamptons area is worth experiencing for some vacationers.

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