5 ways to make your holiday even better.

The opportunity to travel abroad with cheap flights, from services such as Ryan Air and EasyJet has never been greater. Enabling many of us to visit places more frequently and further afield than our grandparents would ever have imagined. This has resulted in more of us taking to the sky for work and pleasure. Here are some tips which will help you to ensure that you make the most of any opportunity that you have to travel abroad.

1, Communicate in a foreign Language

Many of you will sympathise with the picture of trying to communicate in a foreign language, only to not have the local understand your pronunciation or reply so fast that you have little idea of what is being said.  However, with most of us now carrying smart phones, the nice people at google have created a google translate app that you can download.

This app is amazing, it has three features that will help you to talk with the locals.

Firstly, it can translate written text into 103 languages in seconds, enabling you to type and converse two ways with locals from around the world.

Secondly, if you are visiting a country that speaks one of the 32 languages that it has voice recognition for, you do not even need to type. You can speak into your phone and the words will be translated into a message that the other person can listen to. Enabling you to have real time voice conversations in 32 languages.

Thirdly, it has a translate text from photo function. Which means you can photograph any sign or menu, and the system will detect the language and then translate it for you from the image into your language.

Making struggling to communicate in another language a thing of the past. Just download the app and remember to keep your phone charged.

2, Schdule any transfers between the airport and hotel in advance

You always have the option to join the taxi rank when you arrive at the airport terminal exit. However, you will then have to queue and ait for you taxi. The taxi will then charge you the meter rate, which will usually be much higher than a local mini cab would cost. So, I suggest arranging for a local driver to meet you at the airport arrivals terminal. He can carry your bags, you can avoid the taxi queue and usually pay much less by agreeing a fixed cost in advance.

3, Ship your luggage ahead.

Instead of carrying your suitcases, why not have them collected and sent ahead. Services such as Courierpoint.com will arrange for your suitcases and sports equipment to be collected from your door before you leave. They even send out luggage label holders to ensure that your shipping labels are secure when attached to suitcases.

Branded international courier services, such as DHL and FedEx will then move your bags through their networks, and deliver them to your hotel, before you even leave for the airport. Luggage shipping allows you to travel without the stress, of queuing or waiting for your luggage, so why not give it a try. It is of particular value to any elderly or disabled travellers.

4, Use the power of reviews

With services such as TripAdvisor, now enabling travellers to leave reviews for hotels, restaurants and ever tourist attraction, it makes sense to read them in advance. Not only will this help you to decide which restaurants and attractions to visit but, they also give you tips and recommendations that you might otherwise miss.

5, Exchange your currency in advance

The exchange rates that are available at an airport, or abroad will typically be much lower than you are able to buy in advance. Plus, you can usually return any unused currency after your trip and have it converted back commission free.


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