Tips to get your kids into mountain biking

Biking on the mountain is very different regardless of the age. It is entertaining and invigorating at the same time. So, if you’ve seen your kids want to go out on the mountain, and then there are some very useful tips to help them love your mountain and not be afraid. So with a little patience and proper guidance you will get new bicycle friends and you will feel really happy all around them.

Get them the right bike. In order to make the child love the mountain, he must have a bicycle on his own. Most of the time, however, is not enough for any bicycle, but you have to choose a mountain bike for kids. Since the bike is of the right size and the child will feel more comfortable with handling and hence more and more confident to go on loose ground. Choosing a good bicycle is often a difficult affair, since children are usually weird about the way they choose the characteristics of the bicycle and all they care about is the colors they have. Invest in a good mountain bike for kids, with quality peripherals so you will be sure that your kid is a safe bike cruiser.

Do not press them. Do you remember the first time you decided to get on the mountain? You probably want to forget this time as it was really difficult for sure. Make sure you do not press your child like the way you were pressed. Prepare the way to be entertaining for the child and not monotonous as children are often bored very easily. Just make a map of the route, just like a chess haunting and let them believe that they are going to take part in the biggest adventure ever made for them.

Show him how to stand on the bike properly. Mountain biking is quite demanding and we often need to stand up to get some technical point. Show your child how he should stand on the bike so he can easily get through obstacles. This way, he will not get tired easily and all he will want is one more ride on the mountain.

Exercise in the park. There are many times that handling bicycles in tight places is quite a difficult task for children. In order to make the situation a little easier, create practice trails in a nearby park. Take a close-up ride and close enough to rope, cones or even toys of the child and try to keep you on track. Then you can start climbing and downhill walks and small stairs to practice even more technical obstacles. It’s going to be funny instead of a tiring situation.

Get ready for the mountain. It is really obvious that the first time you have to choose easy routes without protracted uphill and difficult technical downhill so that the child can get excited with cycling in the mountain. If you see that the child is tired, take a break and do not push him to continue. Also, you should not push it down a technical point because the smaller a bike the bigger the obstacles are. Walk with him through the technical points and be sure that he will succeed in the next walks.




Protect yourself

You should never forget all the means of protection that need to be taken in order not to cause any accident, both for you and your precious child. You should always wear a helmet and you should also carry a backpack with water, snacks and a first aid kit. Do not forget that safety always comes first and you should teach your kid to behave this way.


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