Discover Various Advantages of Hiring Catamarans

One of the major decisions that you need to take before setting out on your sailing holiday is to decide which kind of watercraft you want to hire for your trip. You need to find out whether a monohull will be good or you need to hire a multihull like a catamaran.

In most of the popular sailing destinations, catamarans are being seen more. They are being accepted by people for sailing vacations. But why is it so? There are some specific advantages of hiring a catamaran than any other type for sailing holidays. In this article, you will find out some of the benefits of riding a catamaran especially for trips with your family.

  1. Spacious

The catamarans are much more spacious. The area between the living room and the cockpit that are present in the middle of the 2 hulls are quite spacious and the length is also huge. If you have decided on a sailing trip where you have to spend more days in anchoring and traveling into marinas, then you must opt for catamarans. It is also good if you are sailing with your children. The areas that are spacious are,

  • The main salon
  • The cabins
  • The cockpit
  • The galley
  1. Stability

Catamarans are known for their factor of stability. They are built in a different manner so they less float on water waves. The movements of a catamaran are upside-down which is good for those who have seasickness problems. The tilts are also lesser in catamaran sailing.

  1. Speed

The side length of the area in between the 2 hulls in a catamaran is twice than other traditional yachts used for sailing. This is the reason why catamarans can sail faster compared to monohull sailboats. They are light in weight as they do not have any keel that generally is heavier and makes the boat bulky.

  1. Small Draft

As catamarans do not have keels, the draft is also smaller. It is generally about 1.0 to 1.2 meters compared to traditional yachts for sailing. For reaching sandy bays, it is possible for a catamaran to sail closer towards the beach by putting the hulls on the land.

  1. Comfortable Maneuvering Process

A catamaran has two distinct engines that are placed on each of the hulls. It provides comfortable maneuvering especially in shallow waters and narrow marinas. This reduces any technical hassles and provides you to get more access to the shore that you cannot reach in a monohull sailboat.

  1. Handling

In terms of handling, catamarans have more advantages. They can turn around 360 degrees within their length. Catamarans have two engines which make it easier for the skipper to turn the whole boat around and provide that extra edge in maneuvering it better.

  1. Prestige

For many sailing vacationers, it is important to have a luxurious vessel, and catamarans are the perfect choice for them. It gives certain pride and prestige to be able to say that they have hired a catamaran for their sailing holiday. It is also prestigious for the skipper and the crew to be able to serve them in a luxurious and deluxe catamaran.

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