The magical atmosphere in Orta, the most peculiar lake in Italy 

Did you know the beautiful Orta lake in Italy? You won’t believe it, yet here there are special places, places to visit, villages to explore.


Have you ever heard of Villa Crespi? It is a fairy-tale palace made of domes and intertwined arches, adorned with modeled, painted and gilded stuccos and chalks. It is completely finished with Moorish architecture, created in the twentieth century by the cotton industrialist and patron Cristoforo Benigno Crespi. This magnificent place, managed in the best way, recalls a fairy tale that comes true, convincing many people to return to spend their time here.


From the stop at Villa Crespi we move on to another equally fantastic one. Such as the Sacro Monte di Orta San Giulio. It is here that looking out for the first time to one of the twenty chapels does not seem almost true, you will have the feeling of having the wrong address, as if two bells were to be struck. Inside there are indeed life-size terracotta statues, committed to reviving the most important moments of the life of San Francesco. Going down from the Sacro Monte one descends very slowly between narrow and winding streets of Orta San Giulio, a village certified by the Touring with the Orange Flag.

Here you can enjoy the beautiful panorama made of old houses, baroque palaces, wrought iron flowered balconies and irresistible views of a myriad of arcaded courtyards. The tour along this wonderful lake could also end here, but the more you continue wandering through the narrow streets and alleys, the more you convince yourself that you want to discover more. And so we advise you to close this splendid path on the “waves” of Lake Orta, leaving your hair in the wind and your mouth open. This will allow you to admire the shores of the Island of San Giulio from the lake, while enjoying the fresh splash water and have fun imagining you are the master of that place Magic, lake and boat, perfect combination for breathtaking views of the shores and the Basilica of San Giulio and to make your holiday in Orta simply unforgettable.

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