Time to Buy a New Mattress for Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most crucial elements of overall good health. Without adequate sleep, the body will have a hard time to recuperate and re-energize while the brain will struggle in processing emotions and thoughts with compromised mental functions.

There are significant factors that affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep and one of them is the quality of your mattress. There are things that you value for your health that can significantly impact your overall well-being. If you value quality sleep then it is important that you invest in a good quality mattress. Under normal circumstances, a mattress should be replaced every 6 to 8 years. You may still be keeping your old one but you should know when to replace your mattress. And according to expert guidelines, you must consider the following to determine if you need to buy a new mattress:

  • Your mattress is between 6 to 8 years old – mattresses that are more than 5 years old start to be damaged in certain areas. Don’t wait for them to be totally broken before you find a new one.
  • When it could no longer provide your body comfort – the main purpose of a mattress is to make you sleep comfortably. If it no longer does its purpose, then it’s time for a change.
  • Saggy with uneven areas – this is typically the result of normal wear-and-tear.
  • Soiled and stained – no matter how much or how often you clean the mattress, it naturally gets dirty over time.
  • Making squeaky noise – old mattresses start making more noise than usual because of worn out springs.
  • You often have allergies or asthma attacks – this is due to the accumulation of dirt that cannot be avoided.
  • You often wake up with back pain and body aches – this usually happens when the mattress is 7 years old or more. An old mattress can no longer support your body parts properly. That causes spine misalignment which can contribute to back pain.

The mattress that you sleep on matters when it comes to being healthy. There are a lot of negative implications when you are not able to sleep well a night. Old mattresses that are out of shape will not provide the comfort and proper support you need. You only end up tossing and turning which makes you lose valuable sleep.

Still unsure what type or kind of mattress is perfect for your needs? Take this quiz to help find a mattress for you.

Our body works like a machine that adheres to its rhythm as it goes through its processes. The body clock runs in a 24-hour cycle in the background and essential in normal bodily functions as you go about your daily routine. When its daytime, the body is accustomed to function for work or for physical and mental activities. And when night comes, your body naturally prepares itself for a restorative process which is sleep. With about one third of your life spent on sleeping, you only deserve to sleep on quality mattress that would provide you comfort and support. If you value your health, then consider buying a good mattress now!

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