Top Tips for A Family Ski Trip

Whether you are off to Aspen, Park City, or Breckenridge, a ski trip is a family bonding experience par excellence. But if you’re planning your first family ski trip, you might be a little apprehensive as to how to make sure the experience is an enjoyable one for everybody. Mom and dad may have skied before, but for the first family outing, the kids will be taking their first tentative steps onto the slopes. Can the experience be fun for everybody at the same time? The answer to that question is a resounding “yes”, but there is a certainly a bit a preparation necessary to make the trip one to remember.

And a ski trip is far more than just sliding down white slopes. Think hot cocoa, snowball fights, and cozy lodges. The fun doesn’t stop when the goes down and you hang up your skis; far from it – skiing is a winter adventure that offers so much more. Preparation for this may seem daunting, but it not as difficult as you might think.

So, for those taking their kids to slopes for the first time – or, indeed, for adults deciding to take up skiing for the first time – here follows some of the most helpful tips. Many have done it before, and by covering these bases, you can be sure to make the experience something the whole family will be eager to repeat.

Pick Your Resort Carefully

So, where will you actually go? The thing about skiing is that it requires mountains, slopes, snow (of course), and all these things are rarely to be found a short drive from any major population center. The most famous state for skiing is, as you probably know, Colorado, but most of the resorts are bound to be a significant drive from the airport. Accordingly, you need to plan your journey. And if you plan to drive to the resort from wherever you live, that will involve many more hours on the road. We all know that nagging kids in the back seat by the fourth hour on the road can be a pain, but as a parent, you probably have your own way of dealing with that problem!

Skill Level

The second thing to consider when picking your resort is, of course, how new to skiing each family member is. If you are a seasoned skier but your kids are not, it is wise to pick a resort that has easy access to the more difficult slopes from the “ski school drop off”, or the place where your kids will ski. If you are all new to the sport, go with a smaller resort with fewer crowds (this will also mean lower prices).

What to Bring?

Most ski resorts will, of course, have ski gear available for hire. However, you should try to rent this in advance, especially if you’re going to a busy or popular resort – and the same goes for tickets. Beyond this, you will, of course, need to pack plenty of warm clothes as well as lighter wear for evenings at the lodge.

If you do plan to bring any of your own ski gear – or perhaps snowboards – it is wise to affix these to the roof of your car. Be sure to tie them down with durable and secure cam straps. Rollercam are a great company specializing in cam buckle tie down straps for precisely this purpose.

After your first ski trip, it is likely that all this preparation will become second nature. If you make that first family ski trip a success, then you can expect many more to come.

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