Tour this places in Cancun

While you are in Cancun, you have to know that you can know beautiful places in and around the city, which you will love to know, as they are among the most beautiful places in the Caribbean and Mexico.

If you visit Cancun, you probably do not want to miss a single kilometer of the city and the extension of the hotel zone. Because both in the city center and the beach area you can find great activities such as scuba diving, swimming with dolphins and visits to squares and shopping centers, so we recommend you visit the following sites while you are in Cancun.

Mayan Ruins

The closest Mayan ruins located within Cancun are San Miguelito, El Meco, and the archaeological zone of El Rey. These three are not the best known of Quintana Roo. However, knowing them will give you an idea about the Mayan activities that were performed on the site by the small villages that inhabited the site and, at the same time, used for religious activities (ceremonies surrendered to their gods).

Near most of these sites you can enjoy the freshwater cenotes, most have access to the interior, and there are others that you can not enter, because they are under supervision, or their accessibility is dangerous.

If you want to move to better-known areas such as Uxmal, Chichen Itza, and Tulum, you can look for a Cancun Airport To Tulum Shuttle service for you and your companions. So, you can learn more about the essential areas of Mayan culture!

Plaza La Isla

This square is known for being one of the few in the city that has a view of the Nichupte lagoon and the best brands to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories, such as LV, Prada, Gucci, among other brands recognized worldwide and internationally as Palacio de Hierro.

This square is also in a perfect location because it is located in the hotel zone of Cancun. So, getting to it will not be an inconvenience, much less if you know the way to Rent a car in Cancun because it will be easy for you to transfer to this mall and more places of relevance in the city!

Cancun Aquariums

Cancun’s aquariums are usually on the side of beaches and different attractions, inside, outside, or around the city.

You can choose between three of these, Delphinus, Cancun Interactive Aquarium, Dolphin Splash, and others just outside the city in some attractions like Xcaret, Xelhá, and Ventura Park.

Puerto Cancun Marina Town Center

This mall is one of the newest squares in the city, however, has earned a reputation for having incredible places where you can eat, buy clothes, makeup, shoes, dress suits, among others.

Overlooking the famous Cancun artificial lagoon, this square is one of the most beautiful and largest shopping centers in the city, still growing.

On Sundays, you can enjoy recreational events for the whole family, and great activities inside the square, one of the most popular activities are the kites of the air aquarium on display, in which hundreds of floating models participate.

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