Guide to travel from Cancun to Tulum and Chichen Itza

If you recently decided to visit one of the three places mentioned in the title. You have to know that Cancun is one of the few cities with beautiful beaches and impressive buildings in the hotel zone that will ultimately favor the view you want to have of the hotel zone. Either the Caribbean Sea or the nichupté lagoon. On the other hand. Tulum is one of the few cities with a hippie atmosphere, Boho, relaxed, where you can spend a weekend, a week or as many days as you want to do a detox of all those days in which your boss, co-workers and people in general busy you a day or made you have a hard time.

If you love history, then we recommend that you visit Chichen Itza, as this ancient Mayan city was considered one of the seven wonders of the world since 2007 and named by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity.

To start your trip on the right foot.

One of the most important things to keep in mind before making a getaway to any of these places is that the three sites are touristically known and claimed by every 9 out of 10 travelers, so anticipate if it is a relevant data for this type of visits.

Get your flight, book your hotel, Cancun Shuttle, Cancun Airport Transfers to your destinations surround Cancun, even the tickets you will need to enter nightclubs, and some of the excursions you will make during your visit will always be essential to prepare at least two or three months in advance.

To travel with everything you need

Before you pack everything to make a list of the things you are going to use. Well yes, none of the places we are referring to now are cold at all, so you will have to start first by discarding the sweaters and coats. The first thing you have to take into consideration for this are the activities you will perform and the temperature of the places you will visit.

Also, take into account your hygiene items, deodorant bar, toothpaste, and perfumes, although if you can avoid carrying so many products will be something you will thank yourself.

Unplanned expenses?

We will always have expenses for which we will often regrettably not be ready in many situations. For example, if you get sick in any of your trips, or climbing a pyramid or running on the beach, suddenly you break a leg (we hope it does not happen, and we do not wish it to anyone). Or if you suddenly find a new item to buy or want to do an extra activity like swimming with dolphins or enter some other attraction in or out of town. You have to know that all this will have an additional cost for what you have to stay prepared, so, before traveling, save a little more than you had planned and get ready for any improvisation. If you don’t spend it, it’s extra money you’ll have to cover your post-trip expenses!

Visit ALL the important sites

If you visit a place but not its essential sites, it is of no use that you have gone, and perhaps your experience is not the best.

Get to know these places that you should visit depending on the area you are traveling to

In Cancun, you can visit: The King Archaeological Zone, History Museum, Cancun Lighthouse, Cancun Scenic Tower, Beaches, Hotel Zone, Island Square, Cancun Port Square, Discos, Nightclubs, and Local Restaurants.

In Tulum know: The archaeological site, the castle, beach paradise, local restaurants, see the light in hotel Ahau, bike tour to the city, and cinema restaurant.

In Chichen Itza visit: Kukulcan pyramid, warriors’ square, the sacred cenote, observatory, and, if possible, stay at the light and sound show to learn all about the history of this emblematic wonder of humanity.

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