Why First-Class Flights aren’t Worth the Money

There are three main types of people on flights. There are those who simply like being on a plane, there are others who are looking for the cheapest way to get to a particular destination, and there are others who want to enjoy the luxuries on a plane. Get these three categories of people in a room and they will all look at each other sideways thinking that they are the ones on the right side.

But the paradigm has shifted. More airlines are reducing the number of planes offering first class flights. For instance, Korean airlines closed many first-class routes. They are instead choosing to retain the business class flights and the economy flights. This move has, in turn, sparked a serious debate whether first class flights are worth all that money.

Read on to get the answers.

They Occupy Too Much Space despite Having Fewer People

Research shows that business/premium and economy class seats account only for 13 percent of the space inside the plane. The area reserved for first class flights is larger because it needs to accommodate recliner seats, beds and privacy doors. Some planes even have bathrooms and fully stocked bars to enhance their first class experience.

Ironically, it is the people occupying the smallest part of the plane that actually brings in more revenue for an airline. Note that while people flying first class pay a far higher amount of money for the tickets, an entire plane is likely to have only a handful of people in the first class section. So for the airline, it makes more financial sense to remove first-class services and have everyone fly premium or economy class.

Why Pay More, When You Can Access The Same Services For Less?

The flight charges for business class are significantly lower compared to first class flight charges. But if you compare services offered, you can access most of the same services offered by the plane attendants in business class just like you would if you flew first class. For this reason, more people are going with the business class option seeing no need to pay more for similar services.

Even though many airlines have attempted to revitalize first class with more luxuries, including showers and bars, few people have been moved. Many people are just comfortable with the standard amenities that they are offered in business or economy class. With less demand for the category (first class), therefore, many airlines continue to question its economic value. In fact, other airlines are also adding more luxuries such as privacy doors to the business class suites as a move to completely do away with first class.

Ultimately, airlines have realized that first class flights are not worth the money. They have witnessed a significant decline in the number of people looking to fly first class. Most of them opt to either fly private or use other means to get to their destinations. With less demand, it is not surprising to find a plane flying half full. To make more profits and ensure better services with minimal expenses, it is in their best interest to do away with first class.

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