Inside Morocco – myths, facts, and sand.


Despite its simple villages and modest medinas, Morocco provides alluring high-end amenities. Morocco’s major cities are well-developed and “Westernized.”

Surely, you will encounter the occasional supplicant especially when you’re out roaming the outskirts of Morocco. But, overall, Morocco is a haven for all those seeking the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

To name one, The Royal Mansour. A 5-star luxury hotel that provides Riads – these are rooms and then some! Those who do not mind spending extra for a lovely, luxurious night in Morocco will definitely appreciate the Royal Mansour.

Religiously accepting

Morocco is home to different ethnicities and religions. Many Jewish people have fled to Morocco from the Spanish inquisition. Christians have also been residing in Morocco for centuries. You’ll find Jewish quarters in almost every city.

Marrakech desert tours 2 days covers the Jewish landmarks. You’ll discover eternal monuments and deep relations between the Muslim and Jewish communities in Morocco.

Morocco’s current King, Mohammed VI, made tremendous efforts in order to preserve synagogues and Jewish cemeteries all around Morocco. This solidifies the Muslim-Jewish relationship and names religious tolerance as a vital Moroccan trait.

You’re going to need help

Those who are well-travelled will know that there are some places better explored alone or with the comfort of their close ones. Morocco, however, is better on a desert tours from Marrakech.

Despite it being one of the more developed counties in Africa, Morocco still faces problems when it comes to navigating alone. You’re going to need help at some point, and the captivating way in which our guide tells stories is definitely better than asking locals for directions.

Marrakech desert tours 3 days, for instance, makes the best out of everything. You’ll be taken to visit amazing places with a guide and like-minded travellers, all while being given time to explore the area on your own.

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