Best things to see & do in Tauranga

Tauranga is the stunning costal paradise of New Zealand. From its crystal clear beaches to its marvelous mountains, from fine dining to metropolitan life you have a world to explore and unforgettable memories to collect. Many people from all over the world come here on holidays, fall in love with the peace and beauty of this place, and simply wish to start living in Tauranga.

The top attractions of Tauranga to plan a perfect holiday tour include a list of unavoidable and memorable places. Here is the list of some must-sees and must-dos that can surley make your visit memorable.

Top things to do and see in Tauranga:

The attractions that no one should miss in Tauranga, New Zealand are:

  • Harbour Cruise:
    Simply enjoy the view of wondrous Pacific Ocean, see some seasonal marine life like, dolphins, whales, seals, and learn about Tauranga’s history while relaxing on board a luxurious and comfortable cruise.
  • Mills Reef with wine and dine:
    Mills Reef Winery and Restaurant is a combination of viticulture and fine dining in Tauranga. Taste a range of award-winning wines, from mellow blends to full fruity flavors. Its spacious restaurant has a variety of tempting food that boosts your hunger.
  • Art Gallery in Tauranga
    If you are a true art lover then surely you cannot miss a visit to the Tauranga art gallery. This was established in 2007 nut in a very short time it has proven its ability to preserve high quality art of all styles. You can explore here every art form that exists from international street art to the contemporary master pieces of overseas as well as local artists.

Explore Tauranga:

These are few glimpses to arouse your desire to see ultimate beauty and charm of Tauranga. Plan your trip today and discover more with EXPLORE TAURANGA.

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