How to enjoy a top family beach holiday in Greece

There’s no better to bond as a family than to make memories with your loved ones on an international holiday. If you’ve got your heart set on organizing a holiday that your kids will remember for a lifetime and your whole family prefers warm beach centred holidays over urban city focused escapes, then you must considerplanning a fun family beach holiday in Greece.

How to enjoy a top family beach holiday in Greece: Useful tips

1. Charter a boat for the day

Whilst people watching and sunbathing form one of Greece’s top-rated beaches can be a lot of fun, it’s definitely well worth chartering a yacht such as a small flotilla style yacht for a half day or full day. As you’ll be able to sail along Greece’s picturesque coastline or explore the coastline of the idyllic Greek island, which you’re holidaying on, with your partner and children in tow.

Better yet, if you charter a boat for the day you’ll be able to keep sailing until you find a deserted private beach, where you’ll be able to lay anchor. Additionally, kids will love being able to explore a deserted beach as a family.

2. Book accommodation which backs right on to a popular beach

When it comes to choosing accommodation for your family’s holiday, thenfinding an accommodation option which backs straight on to one of Greece’s beautiful beaches will surely take your family vacation to the next level. As your whole family will enjoy being able to walk less than a hundred yards to get to the beach for an early morning swim, whenever you want.

Better yet some hotels and resorts even boast swimming pools which offer phenomenal ocean views, that you’ll never get bored of looking at.

3. Opt to visit mom and pop style restaurants over highly commercialized restaurants

If you want to experience a true slice of Greek culture, make the wise decision to forgo visiting highly commercialized chain style restaurants which are obviously targeted at international tourists in favour of visiting smaller, mom and pop style restaurants which are mainly frequented by locals. You’ll also be sure to enjoy fresh, hearty food at a bargain price.

If you love fresh seafood, then visiting a local restaurant which offers seafood which is caught fresh on a daily basis is truly a must do thing here, because  Greece is world renowned for its mouth-watering, seafood dishes.

4. Hire ocean sports equipment

If you’re looking for some creative ways to keep your kids entertained on your Greek family vacation,then consider hiring stand up paddle boards or kayaks from a beach hut. If you have small children, you may choose to hire tandem kayaks which will allow you to kayak which your small child or children in tow, while if your family boasts teens or teenagers who may want to hire a few full-sized stand-up paddle boards. As there is no better way to explore a beach by then stand up paddle board, as when you stand up you’ll enjoy a far different view of the beach and ocean than if you were to swim or sit in a kayak.

  1. Consider island hopping from one Greek island to the nextAs Greece boasts roughly 6,000 islands, 222 of which are inhabited, it’s well worth island hopping from one island to the next, on your Greek family holiday. While you can choose to fly from one island to the next, you may also be interested in booking a boat trip, which visits numerous Greek islands.Examples of scenic Greek islands that boast world-class beaches, and feature turquoise water and charming seaside towns include Corfu, Crete, Santorini, and Hydra.If you’re looking to visit an island that boasts luxurious four and five-star beach resorts, boasts, medieval lanes, and Venetian fortresses, that are just waiting to be explored, then adding Corfu to your travel plans is a no-brainer.

If you’re interested in teaching your children about Greek myths and legends, you should include Crete on your island-hopping itinerary as according to Greek legend, the most powerful Greek God Zeus was born in the Ideon Cave, which is located on Crete. This also happens to be the largest island in Greece.

Alternatively, you may be interested in visiting Hydra which, is one of the most picturesque islands in Greece and is conveniently located within a short 2-hour ferry ride of Greece’s capital city, Athens! If you’re not keen on visiting a Greek island, which has a rowdy reputation such as Mykonos, as it may not be a kid-friendly option and are interested in visiting a quiet Greek paradise, then don’t forget to include Hydra on the schedule for your next family trip abroad.

Lastly, if you’ve always dreamed of seeing Santorini’s charming whitewashed houses and blue domed rooves for yourself and are keen on spending most of your days at a world-class beach, then you have to take a trip to Santorini while you are in Greece.

  1. Encourage your kids to learn a bit of Greek, prior to your trip

One way to ensure that your kids are excited about their upcoming Greek odyssey is to learn a few basic Greek phrases as a family so that when you finally reach Greece’s stunning shores, your kids will be able to practice their phrases out on some of the locals. Better yet, if you and your entire family make a conscious effort to try and speak the local language, you should find that the locals will go out of their way to help you and to make you feel welcome in their beautiful homeland.

  1. Consider booking a hotel or resort that boasts a kids’ club

If you’d love to enjoy a romantic date or a relaxing day at the spa, then choosing a Greek hotel or resort which boasts a kids’ club will surely be the wise thing to do. It will allow you to enjoy a short break from your kids, while they have the time of their life at a kids’ club. Where they’re bound to make new friends.

  1. Pack some board or card games

This might sound like a redundant advice, but you won’t know the fun of enjoying some chilled out family time with the beautiful backdrop of the magnificent sea right at your backyard until you try it out. Yes, sitting and playing board games while on a vacation seems counter-intuitive, but it is one of the best times to spend some relaxing times with your family and kids. Get everyone at the beach, pack some beautiful lunch and take out your favourite family board game or card game. It will be like a nice family picnic together, only with a much more beautiful backdrop.

So if you’re looking to book the ultimate Greek getaway for your family, it’s well worth rereading this handy beach holiday guide, before you begin to book your flights and accommodation for your upcoming adventure of a lifetime!

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