Nature of Puerto Rico: 6 Natural Parks You Cannot Miss

Puerto Rico is an island, on every inch of which life rages. Here you can visit many reserves and national parks, where the pristine nature of the island is preserved.

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Let’s speak about the most interesting parks of Puerto Rico:

The two most famous eco-parks of Puerto Rico are divided among themselves only by a thin mountain ridge and highway – and yet a journey of several miles from one park to another takes tourists to a completely different new world.

El Yunque

The first park is lively and green El Yunque. There you will find wet, steam-saturated rainforests, full of resonant parrots, fluffy trees, covered with red flowering, croaking Puerto Rican frogs and orchids that adore moisture. Inside, the ancient house Yuquiyu stands. Actually, it was a place of a good spirit, which, according to the beliefs of Indigenous people, lived on mountain peaks.


Guanica is the second park that is a short trip to the west along the interstate Pons-to-San Juan. It is a fiery and dried, inhospitable desert forest of rare flowering cacti, effervescent reptiles and limestone caves, strange plants and large sea birds. Guanica has the status of the United Nations-sponsored Biosphere Reserve. Although however strange these two parks were, they were actually born from each other.

Another creatures of nature are mangrove forests and coral reefs, spread out along the coast of Guanica. There are no industrial and agricultural drains, and mangrove swamps are the ideal spawning ground for many fish found among coral reefs. One more unique feature attracting tourists is the glowing bays, which were preserved only thanks to the primordial mangroves.

Forest reserve of Togo-Negro

Around the highest peak of the country – Cerro de Punta and the highest mountain lake – Lago-Guineo, lies the Forest reserve of Togo-Negro. Here you can walk along five ecological trails, swim in Lake Lago-Guineo or freshwater ponds of the Don Juan Recreation Area. It is advisable to visit the 60-meter waterfalls of the Don Juan or go hiking on the slopes of this beautiful mountain range.

Pinones Mangrove Forest

Just 18 km from the capital of the island is the Pinones Reserve, which protects an extended strip of mangrove swamps. Just take the car from car rental in San Juan and in 15 minutes you are here. In the reserve, there are about 320 plant species, about 46 species of birds and 36 species of fish. The reserve ends with the fantastic coast of Valcya-Talega Beach, covered with boulders of the most inconceivable forms interspersed with palm groves.

Rio-Camuy National Cave Park

The Rio-Camai National Cave Park protects the karst area in the northeast of Puerto Rico. This area is famous for its completely surreal limestone formations and many caves, which makes it one of the best places in the world for speleology. More than 200 caves have been found in this region, some of them have a huge internal volume, and the Kamai River is one of the largest underground rivers in the world. Moreover, brave tourists can descend the rope to the newly discovered Cave, on the walls of which 42 petroglyphs of the Taino are found, or to make a “dive” into the drainpipes.

When you rent a car in San Juan, it allows you completely immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere of the island and gives you a chance to see all the local attractions.


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