How to travel Differently

When you travel, choosing the place where you will drop your luggage and sleep, is often the most important decision. If you are not comfortable throughout your stay, chances are the memories you make, will forever be tainted. But sometimes, that location is part of the fun itself. Here are a few places you should think of, next time you prepare a holiday with your family.

Go back to Nature: Live in a Tree in Auvergne, France

Next time you head to France, choose the region of Auvergne and rent a treehouse. Yes, you read right. Just like the one you built with your parents, when you were younger, except with all the amenities needed to spend a beautiful and comfortable moment, right in the middle of nature. The ecological movement has been part of our lives for a while now, and bringing ourselves closer to the natural elements just seems evident to many of us. We want to leave the cities and its buildings and roads behind, for fresher air and greener colour. There is no way to do this better than to live in a tree house accommodation France.

Discover Chile on a Biological Reserve

If you are looking to add a little magic to your life, then head to Montaña Mágica Lodge, in Huilo, Chile. Getting there will be part of the excitement, but it won’t equal the sensation you will feel, once in front of this conic hotel, built and looking like a real volcano. This is definitely what you can call a jungle hotel, where the view that you will have will be of waterfalls. Don’t bring too much luggage, as you won’t be able to get there by taxi. Walking will be the only way to travel the last part of your journey, before heading to your room, using an elevated swing-rope bridge. Excitement for everyone! Parents: Don’t worry, you can chill, once the kids are in bed, in one of the hot tubs carved inside the trees.

Living a fairy tale in a Cob Cottage, on Mayne Island, in Western Canada

Are you and your family fans of the Lords of the Ring series? Did you ever dream of living inside a hobbit house? Well, this is the closest you will probably find, anywhere in the world. With their undulating roofs, these cottages are directly out from a fairy tale. The wooden balcony and curved windows will make you slip away from reality, for a while. All around, you will find sheep grazing the property, adding to the sense of peace that you will feel, throughout your holidays, in British Columbia.


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