Comfortable and safe Travelling by bus in Mexico

I just returned from a weekend trip, as the journey was short (2 hours) I decided to travel by bus. So I bought my bus tickets Mexico a day before and also took advantage of buying the return ones, since besides being a weekend for many it was also the last day of vacation. Although I had to endure a little the crowd in the bus terminal both going and back to the final trip and returned without problems and comfortably.

One of the things we all like is to travel without worries, insurance and also with a numbered seat. Unfortunately not everyone does it and they end up traveling in second or even third class, without a seat, standing and also in a bus that stops at every town they meet.

Although traveling to the interior of Yucatan, where villages abound, this almost always happens anywhere in the Mexican Republic. Therefore, so that regardless of what season of the year you travel and get the best possible experience on your bus trips in Mexico, I invite you to read these tips:

Agglomerations can sometimes not be avoided, the important thing is to have the right ticket and schedules:

  1. Buy your tickets in advance
    If possible 3 or 4 days in advance, especially if you plan to make a trip on the weekend. It is true that you can find tickets to travel the same day, but is it first class and do you have a numbered seat? I wish you were lucky enough to always find and travel first, believe it, it is an advantage and even if you pay a little more it is worth it.
  2. Take advantage of the Internet
    If you can’t go to the terminal for your tickets, check with San Googleif you can buy your tickets online. Keep in mind that some bus lines will ask you to print your coupon and show up at the box office at least one hour before to redeem it for your ticket.
  3. Buy your tickets on a round trip.
    If possible, buy your round-trip tickets at the same terminal or online. If it is not possible, buy your return tickets when you arrive at your destination, so you will make better use of your vacation time and you will only return to the bus terminal to take the truck back home.
  4. Ask for the itinerary of the schedule you chose
    It happens that sometimes the bus runs have different schedules but do not always cover the same distance, as some go on highways and others on free roads where they go? and obviously they take longer to arrive. In addition, the latter are mostly passing buses and although you have a ticket in hand, this does not assure you a place in it and you have to travel stopped.
  5. Take care of your belongings
    The bus lines allow you to carry a luggage at no cost of up to 25 kilograms per person, it is worth telling you that the documents and valuables are carried with you in a backpack or bag that you can take with you or put in the luggage compartment above The bus. In the event that the bus line misses your luggage they will only be responsible for it for up to 50 times the minimum wage (these policies may vary slightly from one line to another, but you can see them printed on your ticket).
  6. Travel at night or day?
    It depends on many things, first of all the schedule of the bus runs, but personally I would recommend that if it is short trips of two or three hours leave early, so that when you arrive you can go to breakfast or lunch and then to your hotel. If it is a longer trip for example of 12 hours, it is preferable to do it throughout the night, for example a trip from Cancun to Villahermosa if you leave at 6pm you will be arriving at 6am., You save a hotel night and you have all day for your activities
  7. Is it safe to travel on the road?
    I would love to answer this question with a simple? Yes?, but you have to accept reality. In states like Michoacán, Guerrero and Tamaulipasthere are towns and highways currently controlled by crime groups. I do not tell you not to visit these places, but for now I recommend you visit the most important tourist destinations or their capitals, and do not venture much inside these states since that is where the problems are. From there on, I could say that in the rest of the Mexican Republic it is safe to travel by road.
  8. Always keep your ticket
    Since you get on the bus you are protected, of course, your ticket is also your travel insurance, keep it at all times.

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