Advantages of ESTA-Visum when traveling to the US

Are you planning a short visit to the USA?

Make this trip easier for you being well prepared for it by considering the option for ESTA Visum.

After 9/11 it was really difficult for business people to make regular trips to the United States for meetings, sales appointments, conferences, negotiations, and inspections. Considering USA ESTA application while traveling to the US by plane or sea can make your life easier. This is a waiver application for visa product and this Electronic System for Travel Authorization removes the need to have a regular USA visa when anyone needs to go there. ESTA application is done online and ESTA authorization should be done over 24 hours before the date of departure.

Under the ESTA program to approve for US travel, a traveler needs to meet some requirements. Most travelers get authorization immediately. The ESTA travel authorization usually remains valid for two consecutive years that is why there is no need to make the new application when entering into the US as long as the stay remains under 90 days.

Of course, there is a must need of a valid passport, but a newer type of passport is required that can be read automatically with the help of a passport reader. ESTA-Visum is issued for tourism, business travel, or transit to other countries. While the requirements for the educational visas are different and they need to be applied for separately.

Another amazing benefit of ESTA-Visum is that the applicants from Visa Waiver countries are allowed to make their visa applications in 10 minutes only through online reliable and secure platforms. The process is very simple, unlike any visa application. There is no need to provide plenty of documents to serve as proof of their intentions to return to their home after visiting the United State. This system is carefully designed to stop stolen passport, identity fraud, fake passport, and terrorism by making effectively positive identification of all visitors. If a person tries to overstay can be easily spotted out because of ESTA, plus the visitors can come and go more often with less delay.

Each time the visitors arrive in the US the system called VISIT program takes their biometric information and fingerprints to keep their complete track record. For frequent travelers to the USA, applying for ESTA type of visa is a considerable option because this is a faster, more convenient, and a longer-lasting option than another visa type.

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