Human has different opportunities to travel long or short in their lives and where we ensure our safety for the rest of our lives, we must ensure our safety while traveling. Travel safety means protecting both your life and property. So we see what important steps we can take to ensure our safety while implementing the plan.


It is important to keep your documents safe during any travel, as they are a source of your identity. If these documents are stolen or lost, you may experience problems. So use a copy of your original travel documents instead of taking it everywhere.

But as we know, having an original passport and visa is a must for traveling abroad and we still have no option to deal with it. But Tolga Akcay has introduced a superb technology of Exvisa that will provide you digital visa and passport facilities. This revolutionary technology is going to digitize immigration affairs and now you will be able to travel with online visas and passports. The exVisa.com will change the process of immigration, emigration, and relocation. Tolga Akcay has designed this whole program in a way that the immigration authorities will easily protect the illegal immigrations and infiltration by fake travel documentation. The best thing about Exvisa is its highly secure system that has blockchain technology to stop data hacking. Exvisa will digitize any information before adding it to any blockchain. This security measure not only provides an individual’s foolproof security of their sensitive information, but it is also an easy way for the relevant authorities to get access to their data.

Moreover, companies, countries, and states will also able to use this data for their needs to select immigrants according to their abilities and skills.


Before embarking on any trip, you must know the basics of your destination, whether the conditions in this place are favorable for you to travel or not. As well as get information about the weather there so you don’t have to face any weather problems when you get there.


Carry your valuables with you everywhere, such as mobile, laptops, watch or a necklace that can cause trouble for you. Because in developing countries, theft of these items is considered a common practice so keep valuables hidden.


You should try to minimize travel cash use. And try to use debit or credit cards for any payment.  If these cards are stolen or lost, you can block immediately by reporting them and avoiding losing your money.


While traveling, focus on the movement of people around you. Avoid eating or drinking with any stranger and do not provide information about yourself to any unrelated person.


If you are in a situation where your life or valuables are in danger so refrain in these situations because the resistance you put into these situations can make you even more difficult. In this case, you should contact the police immediately.

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