5 Best Places to Travel in Argentina


Tourists Spots of Argentina – Tourism Guide

The world is a beautiful place and sometimes, this beauty can be objective. A field of wild flowers with white capped mountains as the background could be your idea of beauty. For the next guy, any scenery without water in it doesn’t quite do it. And even if you travel every month of the year, it is possible that you can’t see all the beauties and wonders that the world has to offer. But if you want to travel to a place that has a bit of everything, you should travel to Argentina. Southern America is known for the exotic wild life and a vibrant culture. Argentina is home to some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world but that is not all. Here are at least 5 places you should visit to make the most of your trip.

EPECUÉN Argentina

If you are a big fan of history, the ghost town of Epecuén should be a thrill. The lake for which the town was named after is said to possess mystical healing properties. Also, sometimes referred to as the real-life Atlantis, the city used to be a thriving tourist resort until the mid-80s when it was swallowed up in the flood and remained that way for 25 years. Residents fled the town during the flood and even years after the flood receded, the ghost town remains uninhabited and undeveloped. Epecuénis a little over 6-hour drive from Buenos Aires, be sure to catch the amazing sunsets.

Ushuaia  Argentina

Geographically described as the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia offers excellent tourist attraction spots especially for those who like their winter with a little sun. Put on your cold weather gear and head to the Martial Glacier. The panoramic view of the city promised at certain spots is enough incentive to take a hike. The city boasts of great lodges, excellent restaurants and all the trappings of a beautiful tourist city.


If adventure and wildlife speak to your inner travel animal, you cannot pick a better place for your quest than Puerto Madryn. You can take a boat and go whale watching but that happens in December. However, there are lots of wildlife in Puerto Madryn like the Megallanic penguins who are one of the city’s most popular hosts. There are many fascinating wildlife that migrate to this part of Argentina so pack up your camera and be ready to ooh and ah appropriately.


Need a summery vibe for your holiday? Then this is where you should be. Technically, this is in Uruguay but thousands of tourists’ flock here every summer from Argentina for the beaches. This sleepy beach town has an incredible view and worth the hassle it takes to get there. But if you refer glitz and glamour, PUNTA DEL ESTE would be a better option.


This city is also in Uruguay, but you would find more Argentines than locals here in the hotter months. Being the summer playground for the rich and famous, Punta del Este is the opposite of Cabo Polonio.

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