Weekend on Lake Como? Here’swhere

Lake Como is so beautiful and out of the ordinary in itsappearance and landscapethatanyoneoftentakes the opportunity to go thereatleast a weekend. So let’sseetwo of the mostimportantdestinations in which to stop in twothreedays to spend on the most beautiful lake in Italy.


Beforetackling the landscapediscourse, itisthereforenecessary to askourselves, where to stay on Lake Como? For thosewhohave a fewdays the suggestionis to search for accommodationthanks to Lettings Lake Como Villas, a wonderful network of villas to rentthatallowyou to havetotalautonomywhenyou stay in Como or along the neighboringvillages and then dedicate yourself to the beauty of the lake .Havingsaidhowmuch the first city youpayattention to is Como. Simply for itis beautiful. From here, using the boat, take you to otherdestinationswithouthaving to take a car, keep in mindthat Como iswellconnected with the railway so youcouldcomfortablyarrive from Milan.

In Como youcertainlycannot miss a visit to itswhite Duomo, a walk in the pedestrian center or along the lakefront to the Voltiano Temple and an icecream in the squareoverlooking the lake. Ifchildrentravel with you, plan to go up to Brunate with the funicular – from the top you can enjoy a beautiful view of the lake – and maybe take part in one of the excursionsthat are organized by boat to discover the villas of the lake!


Can not miss a trip to Bellagio. Althoughthere are manypeople in the summer, itisdefinitelyworthit. The onlydrawbackhereisfinding the parking spaces! However, there are no suchromanticplaces in our country asthis small village. Itischaracteristic for itsstonestairs, butalso for the narrowstreetsenlivenedby the colors of the scarveshandmade by the lakeseamstresses and the bars on the water. Bellagio is beautiful to enjoyeven for a few hours walking. Do notforget to try to verify the possibility of organizing a visit to the Villa Serbelloni and itsgardens. Veryoftenherethere are embryos of guidedtoursatveryspecifictimesthatlead to the discovery of a place to say the leastwonderful

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